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Heeya and its founder Jonali Saikia Khasnabish  has been featured in various magazines, periodicals and news items till date.


Heeya in the News

Sep 15, 2015

India Today

Design Dreams

 Jonali has been covered in the September 15, 2015 edition of India Today's Simply Bangalore as one of the new designers who are reinterpreting fashion to make a stylish difference.


Jonali Saikia founded Heeya in 2012 in an attempt to revive the tribal saree weaving techniques of the North East region. The IIM Bangalore alumnus, who primarily works with Eri Silk, believes the unique handicrafts and heirlooms of the North East region can create distinct identity for the weavers and place them on the global map. A native of Assam, Saikia's personal saree collection is dominated by traditional weaves from the tribal regions of North East like Wanchoos and the Singphos. While she garnered rave reviews for her saree collection, she soon realised that others had little or no idea about the rich fabrics and patterns that are typical to the region.

Design Dreams
After spending more than 16 years as a consultant in the corporate world, Saikia decided to engage niche weavers in Assam, Nagaland and Meghalaya with an aim to propagate their weaving crafts. Saikia sources the yarn from local silk farmers and works with the weavers to create sarees with traditional motifs. Heeya's weaves are primarily from four areas-Chhaygaon, Dhemaji, Nagaland, and Bongaigaon, which are fashioned into garments by Saikia. "The tribes use unique and distinctive patterns. They are not just something created from the imagination by the weaver, but have a cultural significance," Saikia says.
Stitch in Time
Saikia's works are primarily inspired by nature and human communities. The intricate extra warp style of Bodos and extra weft styles of Mishings unique to this region also find way into Heeya's saree collection. Saikia also works with Assamese weavers who specialise in King Khab motifs.
Price Rs 6,000 to Rs 20,000
Available at Lakeview Farm, Ramgondanahalli, Whitefield,                                                                    


Sep 13, 2015


Weaving the past, present and future

 Jonali got featured on a special issue of Bangalore Mirror, Sept 13, 2015 on reinvention of textiles

 The clothes should have a cultural stamp' (Jonali Saikia Khasnabish brings the weaves of the North East to the South in all their unstitched glory)

 .......Khasnabish then embarked on the mega-project, which culminated in the formation of Heeya in 2012 to bring down to South weaves rooted in tradition and which had stories to tell. She started from scratch — approaching the government for a list of co-operative societies in the North East. She was clear that she didn't want to work with individual weavers, because it wouldn't create a national impact. When she went to meet the 1,000 registered co-operatives societies in the eight north eastern states, she realised that only 15 were active......

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November 2, 2015

The Hindu

A Springboard for North Eastern weaves

 Jonali got featured on a special issue of The Hindu, Nov 2, 2015 on North Eastern weaves

 The designs from the North East are unique. It has an influence of the ethnic compositions from Indonesia and other neighbouring places. We have a strong weaving heritage,” explains Jonali, who started Heeya, which means “heart in Sanskrit

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December 21, 2015


Loom with a view

 Heeya and Jonali Saikia Khasnabish were featured in Deccan Herald, dated December 21, 2015

 “The North-East has the largest number of looms in the country and has a rich weaving culture. My idea is to create opportunities and livelihood to dozens of women weavers of this region,”

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Aug 08, 2016,  


The woven Treasure

 Deccan Herald, August 8, 2016 issue covered thoughts from Handloom practitioners on the occasion of National Handloom Day.

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September 28, 2016  

Whatshapp Bangalore 

'Vastrabharana’ 2016

 Heeya participated in Vastrabharana, the flagship fundraiser event of the Crafts Council of Karnataka between Oct 1-5, 2016.Heeya reinvents the textiles of Assam focusing on traditional motifs, patterns and colours while aiming to promote rare languishing craft traditions.

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Heeya in the News India's Boxing Superstar, Olympic medallist and a role model for women Mary Kom wearing a Heeya stole presented to her by organisers at the Press Conference in Bangalore to announce the Bengaluru Midnight Marathon on 15 Oct 2014. Heeya in the News Heeya was featured in the August edition of the upcoming Business magazine Business for All

June 2014

 "From the artisans and weavers’ perspective, their livelihood has gone up by 50-100% as we deal directly with them. We also work with the government for infrastructure upgradation and technical training. We undertake training sessions on topics such as designing, colours, accounts, quality control and customer centric approach."

Heeya in the News Heeya was featured in the Times of India Whitefield Supplement



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