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About Us

Heeya is a brand of one-of-a-kind sarees, accessories and garments working with underexposed crafts and rare handlooms of India like the NE India.

Heeya is focused on creating sustainable livelihoods through sustainable fashion and lifestyle. 

Despite having a strong tradition of weaving and being rich in craft and textiles, certain regions of India, esp Assam and other North eastern states have been left out of the mainstream national markets for a long time for various reasons.

Heeya has been working in different communities in Assam since 2013 to start community based saree and textile production in an effort to revive the handloom weaving that Assamese women are known for. In a land where traditionally sarees are neither made nor woven, working on this project has been an interesting journey, starting with identifying the right groups to partner with, as well as facilitating technology and design intervention to make sarees that are truly representative of the region's textile art

Heeya supports and primarily works with women artisans - training, skill building, counseling and facilitating work assignments primarily working out of their homes, as well as rewarding and recognising them for their contribution towards preservation of the art.

Heeya's Jonali Saikia poses with women weavers after a reward and recognition program

Assamese women weaving on a home loom

Preservation of skills and skill development: Heeya promotes the traditional crafts and textiles through Social media marketing and public fora. Heeya’s vision is to be able to upgrade the skills and provide better infrastructure to the weavers

Rural Employment generation: Through sustainable employment opportunities provided through predictable demand created in the urban areas through a distinct and strong brand presence and strong value proposition.

Women empowerment : Most weavers, spinners and reelers in North east India are women and this concerted effort will result in providing opportunities to women to not only earn a sustainable income but also have an opportunity to bring about changes in the society.

Mishing cooperative group based in upper Assam

With a cooperative group based in lower Assam


About founder


Heeya was founded by Jonali Saikia Khasnabish in Oct 2012. Jonali was born and brought up in Meghalaya and Assam respectively. Being exposed to the richness of the region’s culture and artisans as a native and with the experience of working for several years in global roles in Multinational companies, this is her attempt to bring the best of the region’s art, craft and textile richness in an ecologically, economically and ethically sustainable manner.

Jonali is an alumnus of Cotton College, Gauhati University and IIM Bangalore.

Linked in profile: Jonali Saikia Khasnabish


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