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Keteki - Songs from Assam

The name Keteki is of a bird that heralds the Spring in Assam and is also a flower. The voice of the Keteki bird signifies that (Bohag) Spring has arrived, with its blooms and flowers. The beautiful gamosa or Bihuwan (cotton towel) that is woven by the women in every household must be ready before Bihu arrives.

The Keteki collection brings to you the comfort and understated elegance of cotton in the basic colours of black, white, red and blue. Inspired by the motifs of the gamosa, these are woven by women on a simple loom without the use of any mechanised accessories, in nondescript villages of Assam

Heeya has been working in different communities in Assam since 2013 to start community based saree and textile production in an effort to revive the handloom weaving that Assamese women are known for. The main products in handloom weaving in Assam are mekhela sador (Assamese two piece ensemble for women), gamosa etc.  In a land where traditionally sarees are neither worn nor woven, working on this project has been an interesting journey, starting with identifying the right groups to partner with, as well as facilitating technology and design intervention to make sarees that are truly representative of the region's textile art

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