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Corporate Social Responsibility partnership

Heeya Social Enterprise has created successful models for working with women in the informal sector of the economy and having created new markets,  leading to income increase and new cluster development.
Heeya Social Enterprise creates value through customised programs in skill-building, market creation and entrepreneurship for  Corporates and Individuals.


We have provided training, handholding and mentoring to create over 500 women entrepreneurs in the sustainable livelihood space with women weavers of North East and have provided them training, hand-holding and mentorship to create world-class products with a customer base across the world. Based on this model, Heeya offers the 'She the weaver' skill development and entrepreneurship building program

She the weaver

Skill development and Livelihood Model for women

  • Skill upgradation:  Skill analysis of women micro entrepreneurs – skill development/skill upgradation
  • Technology and Tools: Design and implement interventions – Training, hand holding, financial awareness, product design, sampling and pilot
  • Market linkage: Create a strong market, positioning and story telling for the products
  • Backward linkage: Create local eco system for raw material sourcing
  • Financial linkage: Financial and social support though funds and community support available through local co-operative group
  • Fair trade: Ensuring that the tenets of fair trade practices are followed at every stage including conservation of environment

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