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Here’s to 2013!

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Its uncanny that I write this first blog on the Heeya blog as the year draws to a close. A whole 364 days either zipped by.. or should I say swished by…

Feel emotional at the close of any year.. one has mixed feelings.. another year has gone by.. a year that was brand new exactly 365 days ago.. which one pinned a lot of hopes on, which one made resolutions for and which seemed endless possibilities.. now comes to an end.

And thus, the question, how did I do this year, what did we do well, what could we have done better? Looming like Damocle’s sword over one’s head, it is the one question that keeps everybody reflective while in the party mood.


Heeya’s mission is to work with textile and craft groups who are suboptimally exposed or unexposed and to make quality products with them for discerning customers.  And yes, our first stop is the North East –immensely talented and rich with natural resources, but left out of the markets for a long time for a variety of reasons. When we started this year, we were working with 3 groups. As the year drew to a close, we are working with 6 groups with about 200 women.

What makes Heeya different is its emphasis on superior quality - what goes into it- the eco friendly yarn, the quality material. How it is made- the  unique designs and the story. And why it is made- the culture, the belief, love for expression.  Whatever is done is authentic, honest and from the heart.

Heeya spent the summer working with the groups- traveling to their villages, understanding them, their culture and their working conditions. Giving them good quality yarn,  working with them on elements of design and customer preferences and on planning a year’s weaving schedule around the lives of the women who make them, making them comfortable and empowered in choosing how, when and where they want to work.

The Heeya Gero collection of sarees made with weaves that was woven through the year, was launched in October . Matching the festive season, the beat of the drums and the solemnity of the Navratri, Heeya caught attention of the truly discerning. Weaves that are the pride of a people – the intricacy of the designs, the dexterity of their fingers, the richness of yarns, the bright vibrant colours  dyed from natural ingredients – all ingrained to fabrics that one could wear- culture and nature.


Heeya also launched its collection of select garments for winter in December from styles carefully put together by our team of designers from NID and NIFT. In bright shades and chic silhouettes, the collection is designed to the appeal to those with an innate sense of style and chic.  Of all, this is an attempt to wear everyday clothes with a bit of culture and tradition- and appreciation.

We realised – wherever Heeya has to go to, it will. The seeker will find it. So no clamouring from the rooftop- no hurry to get more ‘ like’ s and ‘hit’s.  We believe the product should speak for itself. And yes, we are listening with ears and eyes open. For your feedback, your inputs.

Along the journey – so many people have come together to make things possible. The weavers and the staff of the groups who we work with, the folks who make quality yarn and the ones who put it all together – the designers, production units and so many others are the first ones on this list to be thanked.

A deep, sincere thanks and acknowledgement to all of you – who shared their skills, lent out their helping hands and shared their happy hearts – kept us going.

Also, thanks to everybody who were part of this journey with Heeya in big or small ways..

Dipankar Khasnabish, Kabita Das, Kalpana Das , Kalyani Baruah, Gargi, Sachin Haval, RamyaVenkatachalam Kashalkar, Liza Ba…rooah Gogoi, Sandhya Aiyer Oza, Seemanthini Desai, Shubha Nagarajan, Padma Ambil, Pratibha Gupta Arya, Ankoor Das, Asmit Das, KD Kishalaya, Ambarish Baruah, Divyana – thanks for being there!

Thank you, you made the journey possible! And , happy new year!


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